Welcome to FC Football Kit

Founded in New Zealand, FC has had a rapid rise designing and manufacturing bespoke football kits for customers around the world - including New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and the United Kingdom.

Owners Jamie Farrington and Richard Mowbray have grown up with a love for the beautiful game - which has fortunately given us opportunities to stay highly connected with football on both personal and business levels.

Having operated a successful specialist football retail and wholesale business for 20 years (Football Central), one of our many strengths is really understanding the market and the expectations of the modern footballer. Paired with a world class design team and manufacturing facilities, this has created a product we are very proud of and excited to share with you.


    FC have developed technical performance fabrics designed for the modern footballer. We have access to a range of moisture-wicking fabrics which, when paired with the latest sublimation printers, laser cutters and skilled machinists, allows us to offer a truely world class product.


    We’re into relationships. Our roving team like to meet in person. Where this isn’t an option we have a range of online tools that make it easy to communicate and keep in touch.


    Our classy design team can bring your ‘serviette doodle’ to life. And they don’t just do football kit. We can help across the board with branding and identity, web design and photography.


    FC currently hold a number of exclusive supply arrangements with grass-roots organisations. We are committed to providing quality products for everyone from the smallest junior player to the elite national and international teams.


    We have some of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry - just 5 pieces per style.


    FC’s order management software lets you stay up to date with where your order is at in the manufacturing cycle. We courier-track all orders through to delivery.


    Quite often when ordering a new kit, there is an air of uncertainty with regards to size. Make use of our sizing sample sets to ensure your new kit will fit and of course check out the technically advanced fabrics we use in manufacturing.


    With our sublimation processes, we are able to offer a fixed price for any design - with an unlimited number of logos, sponsors and numbers. And, because we work directly with our factory, there are no middlemen or agent fees. We offer a whole lot more for less.


    Have specific branding requirements? Our in-house branding team specialise in heatpress application and embroidery.

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